Pink Monkey’s climb from a Vail basement to one of the most sought-after creative event planning and production studios, began not in a ballroom, but on a stage. In 2005, founder, Nathan Cox a veteran actor, lighting designer, director, and production designer, channeled his flair for the dramatic. With over 20K square feet of warehousing and fabrication space, he is able to suspend reality into the world of events, celebrations, and festivals.

In the years since, it is this theatrical pedigree that distinguishes and separates the Pink Monkey cast of creative professionals from all other live event designers. And makes every occasion as unique as, well… a Pink Monkey.

The Pink Monkey is a unique species.


To be invited into our tribe requires a unique set of skills and talents. Wildly creative. Highly Skilled. Focused on the De-tails. And never afraid to shake the tree. Whatever direction you choose, when you work with Pink Monkey, getting there is half the fun. We blend passion with playfulness. Diligence with a touch of whimsy. Serious business, with a little monkey business.

Nathan Cox


Carlo Stuart

General Manager

Mike Baugh


Kayla Fear

Event Designer

Clare Adams

Event Designer

Sam Owens

Associate Production Manager

Jacqueline Mullen

Production Manager

Kevin Frey

Director of Operations

Kyle Simpson

Fabrication Manager - Colorado

Sean Kelley

Fabrication Manager - Utah

A Word from the Founder…